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October 2024


12 months




In person, streaming
and online


Dubai and Istanbul


EUR 15.000

EUR 10.000


SILA Academy Sports Law program


The course's main objective is to provide students with specific knowledge, practical skills, and necessary competencies to succeed in their chosen field of sports law.

Through a blend of theoretical foundations and hands-on experience, the course aims to equip participants with the tools they need to tackle real-world challenges effectively and confidently. SILA Academy Sports Law Program is designed to foster critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and a continuous learning mindset that prepares students for the industry's evolving demands.

This program offers students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the field of sports law, providing access to an extensive network of professional contacts actively engaged in this dynamic sector. While the program thoroughly explores football law, its curriculum is more expansive than just one sport. It also delves into the legal intricacies and operational frameworks of a variety of sports disciplines, including but not limited to boxing, racing, and e-sports, among others, ensuring a broad and inclusive understanding of sports law.

Moreover, the program offers in-depth insights into leading sports bodies' legal frameworks and organizational structures, such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and FIFA. This holistic approach furnishes students with a comprehensive foundation in the principles and practices of sports law. It equips them with the specialized knowledge and perspectives necessary to navigate the legal landscapes of major sports organizations.

Designed with a focus on both breadth and depth, the SILA Academy Sports Law program aims to cultivate a well-rounded, informed, and capable cohort of sports law professionals ready to make significant contributions to the field.

Who is it aimed at?

The SILA Academy Sports Law program is specifically designed for law graduates who are keen to deepen their expertise in the specialized field of sports law. It also serves as an invaluable resource for established professionals and employees within sports organizations and clubs, offering a robust platform for enhancing their professional skills and broadening their knowledge base in sports law.

Our program is committed to providing students with direct insights from practicing lawyers in sports law, ensuring a balanced blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. This approach aims to empower our students with the tools and understanding necessary to excel in the fast-evolving sports law landscape.

Program´s Structure and Modes

The program's structure is thoughtfully designed to accommodate two distinct learning modalities. Students are invited to participate in two intensive in-person sessions, each lasting approximately two weeks, focusing on the most critical aspects of contemporary sports law. These sessions are tentatively scheduled to take place in Dubai and Istanbul, with final confirmation pending from the course administration.

In the intervals between these in-person gatherings, students will progress through the curriculum via online classes spanning several months. This period is also an opportunity for students to engage deeply with the material by working on practical cases, conducting scientific research, composing their thesis, and preparing for a moot court competition that marks the program's culmination.

This educational approach is designed to weave together theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring students understand the concepts and how to apply them in real-world scenarios. The integration of in-person sessions and online coursework, alongside the practical assignments, provides a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience that prepares students for the challenges and opportunities within the field of sports law.




Admissions process


Send us an email with the following documentation:

 - Your Diploma/Degree
 - CV

 - Motivation letter

- Up to three-minute pre-recorded video about yourself and why you are an ideal candidate for the program.


Attend the interview by videoconference with the representative of SILA Academy.


If you have been admitted, you will be given one week to pay the fees of your registration to reserve your place in the program.

Program content

You can familiarize yourself with the concept of SILA Academy and SILA Academy Course Structure by downloading and reading the following documentation

Download the SILA Academy Course Structure


Download the SILA Academy Brochure


Program characteristics

SILA Academy's innovative
method of education

Tutor and individual tutoring

Networking possibilities

Possibility to work on real cases

Feedback from professors

Final thesis under the
supervision of a tutor

Program costs

After a thorough analysis of the program contents and its structure, we have decided that the appropriate cost of the SILA Academy Sports Law program shall be EUR 15.000.

However, for the first edition of the SILA Academy Sports Law program, the final price will be EUR 10.000.

In the future, we work on providing students with scholarships and other economic benefits.

Our Professors

Yury Zaytsev

Partner SILA International Lawyers. IBA Legal Counsel. Arbitrator of the Russian Arbitration Court


Carol Couse

Partner Mills & Reeve


Mikhail Prokopets

Partner SILA International Lawyers. Arbitrator of the Russian Arbitration Court


Emin Özkurt

CAS Arbitrator. Managing partner Özkurt Law Office


Ivan Bykovskiy

Partner SILA International Lawyers


Nasr El Din Azzam

Co-founder Sport Makers


Georgi Gradev

Partner SILA International Lawyers


Jérôme Valcke,

Former CEO of Sport+, former FIFA Marketing Director and further Secretary General, currently executive director at International Friendship Association


Alexandre Zen-Ruffinen

Partner SILA International Lawyers





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